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Maritime Legal Solutions

Admiralty law or more commonly referred to as maritime law concerns the international shipment of goods by sea and all other aspects of transportation by boat, from cargo damage, accidents, to shipbuilding, and anything that may occur on Canada’s waterways. Our maritime practice provides in-depth understandings, multi-jurisdictional insights, and seamless services to our clients. We help our clients ensure all legal matters, current and potential, are properly addressed.

Licata Law is ideally suited to help you in all matters with our maritime legal services.


Providing advice and legal assistance with various maritime insurances, including marine liability, casualty, cargo, machinery/hull, P&I coverage, pleasure craft, yacht, recreational boating, new building, and marine reinsurance.

Survey, Classification & Registration

Addressing legal matters related to registration, seaworthiness, surveying, classification, and flagging.

Dry Matters

Legal services regarding dry matters including, but not limited to disputes, cargo claims, maritime fraud, freight forwarding, stowaways, fines & penalties, ship supply, average adjustment, employment & crewing, shipbuilding & repairs, multimodal transport, personal injury, purchase & sale, laytime and demurrage, and more.

Wet Matters

Legal services regarding dry matters including, but not limited to collisions, grounding, salvage, wreck, foundering and stranding, tug & tow, pilotage, safety at sea, marine pollution claims, in rem and in personam proceedings, limitation proceedings, and related admiralty law matters.

Maritime Claim – Security/Enforcement

We provide maritime claim – security and enforcement solutions related to the arrest of vessels, bail, injunctions, aid of foreign proceedings, enforcement, arbitration, alternative security, and maritime liens.

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