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Real Estate Legal Solutions

Real estate can be overwhelming, especially when there are multiple legalities and options to consider, and several parties involved. Licata Law provides real estate legal services for both residential and commercial properties. Ms. Licata clients include private clients and businesses, including buyers, sellers, real estate developers, and builders, private institutional investors, borrowers, landlords, and tenants. Aside from residential property, the office provides the real estate expertise to assist with all matters related to office, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties. Ms. Licata’s number one goal is to achieve your objective efficiently.

Licata Law provides comprehensive real estate legal services and professional lawyers to individuals and businesses in Southern Ontario. The office acts diligently to ensure you have a positive and stress-free experience.

Purchase & Sale Agreements (Residential & Commercial)

A purchase or sale agreement is a contract between a buyer and a seller for a particular property. The agreement enables the buyer to establish a purchase price as long as the term and conditions of the agreement are met. This process typically begins upon the receipt of an offer. The firm provides residential and commercial purchase and/or sale agreement services.

Private & Institutional Mortgage

Licata Law provides legal services and advice on a full range of real estate transactions related to mortgages, leasing, and financing, working with both residential and commercial mortgages. Ms. Licata assists with the documenting, securitizing, advancing, and enforcing of mortgages of all kinds, including refinancing, takeout mortgages, mezzanine financing, construction mortgages, and others.

Disclosure Packages For Builders

Builders are required to disclose costs and other information to would-be buyers. The firm advises and helps preparing disclosure packages for builders, collaborating with them to ensure all their legal obligations are met and that everything is properly disclosed to ensure success.

Assignment Agreements

An assignment agreement is when one party transfers their right to the property, to another party. There are two types of assignments: equitable and legal. The office provides assignment agreement services to both residential and commercial clients.

Construction Contracts & Contruction Financing

The real estate practice works with builders, developers, and construction companies of all kinds. The lawyer provides an array of legal services related to construction financing and construction contracts. Ms. Licata is available to assist with all legal matters related to real estate law and the construction industry.

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Licata Law provides free initial consultations for real estate legal services. The lawyer assists individuals and businesses with their residential and commercial real estate law needs. The office is located in Toronto and the Principal is happy to serve clients throughout the surrounding areas, including Mississauga, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. Whether you are looking to buy residential property, are a developer with special legal needs, or a business who needs a real estate lawyer, Licata Law is here to help. Schedule your consultation today.

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