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Business & Franchise Legal Solutions

Licata Law understands your business is your life and livelihood and that you rely on trusted legal advisors for strategic guidance. The lawyer counts amongst the clients’ many types of businesses, across an array of professions and industries. Whether your business is a local company, franchise, partnership, joint venture, corporation, or enterprise that operates across borders, Licata Law can assist you with all your business legal needs. Licata Law are business lawyers and corporate lawyers in Toronto, here to help you.

Licata Law provides business and franchise legal services to effectively and efficiently address administrative and corporate matters.

Commercial Licensing & Leasing Contracts

Helping companies effectively leverage their intellectual property assets with commercial licensing contracts. The law office works with clients to negotiate agreements and deliver commercialization strategies that enable them to exploit their intellectual property to their full potential while protecting long-term interests.

Commercial leases are legally binding contracts that allow tenants to use commercial properties for business activities for a set duration of time for an agreed-upon rate paid to the landlord. The commercial leasing services are available to landlords, tenants, developers, asset managers, lenders, and property managers of all types of commercial, office, and industrial properties. The firm can help with negotiating leases and related agreements, structuring transactions, enforcement of landlord/tenant rights and remediation.

Franchise Agreements

The drafting and structuring of legal, binding contracts between a franchisor and franchisee, providing consent to use the branding, operational model, and support services of an established business. The Firm provides franchise agreement services for master and direct franchises, development and joint venture agreements, voluntary disclosure documents, and national disclosure documents.


Incorporation is the formation of a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under Canadian law. The corporation may be a business or a non-profit organization. The lawyer provides incorporation services to the clients, advising them on the pros & cons of incorporation while delivering a professional, cost-effective solution to set up a business in Canada.

Land Development

Area or land development law refers to the legal matters related to the planning, development, land use, by law, zoning, permit and liability issues of commercial land. The land development legal services focus on providing advice related to site acquisition, financing, phasing strategy, development strategy, due diligence, and land title registration/documentation.

Purchase or Sale Agreement

Purchase and sales agreements for the transfer of ownership of a business. The lawyer works with clients to minimize their risk and handle legal issues related to the purchase or sale of a business entity, facilitating seamless, effective and successful business transactions for many types of companies including franchises, retail stores, healthcare facilities, professional services companies, and more.

Shareholder Agreements

A shareholders agreement is an agreement between the owners or shareholders of a company, typically used to govern affairs of the corporation, specify the relationship between shareholders, or address a variety of potential issues. The shareholder agreement services help businesses identify and record terms related to governance, management, terms & restrictions on selling interests, management of disputes, valuation, and non-compete, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation matters.

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