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All families need legal advice at some time. At times when much is at stake, there is never a substitute for having skilled, experienced family law lawyers at your side. Families need legal assistance to support them with an array of matters, from divorce to child custody. While many of these issues can be difficult, it is important to take a legal approach that ensures matters do not escalate. When pressing issues demand attention, Ms. Licata is responsive to the client’s goals and devoted to achieving the best possible outcomes. Licata Law are divorce lawyers and family lawyers in Toronto, here to help you.

Licata Law provides incredible depth, knowledge, and experience across a broad range of family law issues. The firm is skilled in handling the most complex family legal matters.


There are two types of divorce and both are best handled by experienced divorce lawyers.

An uncontested divorce is when spouses both want to divorce and agree on terms. This encompasses an agreement on child custody and support, property division, and spousal support payments. The majority of cases do not require going to court. If spouses can not reach an agreement on some terms, or all terms in a divorce, the matter becomes a contested divorce. These cases are often expensive and the issues typically need to go to court to reach a resolution.

Ms. Licata has the skill and experience to resolve issues and help clients bring their marriage to a formal end.

Separation Agreements

When a relationship is breaking down, a legally binding contract called a separation agreement can help clarify the obligations and rights between two spouses. The agreement aids in the divorce process and typically helps avoid costly and lengthy litigation with respect to issues such as property division, child custody, support, and access, and spousal support, among other matters. The law leaves the decision about having a separation agreement up to the individual couple. The firm ensures your matters are legally drafted with great care, by putting a comprehensive contract in place that addresses your needs and concerns.

Cohabitation & Marriage Contracts

Marriage contracts which are often referred to as pre-nuptial agreements (pre-nups) are agreements put in place prior to marriage that detail the responsibilities and rights that can possibly arise during a separation or divorce. Pre-nups can detail a range of factors related to the expectations spouses have regarding how property and wealth should be divided upon termination of a marriage.

Cohabitation agreements are similar to marriage contracts, but without the marriage aspect, dealing more with potential aftermath of when couples choose to live together and then part ways. These documents can be converted into marriage contracts should the couple become married, or they can choose to enter a new agreement which voids the previous one.

The firm ensures that in drafting the cohabitation agreement and marriage contract your needs and concerns are adequately addressed before making important decisions related to living together or getting married.

Child Custody & Access

Separating families is very difficult, especially when children are impacted by the decision. The firm helps the clients understand their entitlements and obligations as parents, assisting them in developing a stable parenting plan that accurately accounts for their child’s needs within the context of family law. The child access and child custody legal services help you address any and all issues including assistance with negotiated settlements, arbitration, mediation, and court proceedings. The child custody lawyer advocates for solutions that the clients want while helping them preserve their child-parent relationships.

Child Support

At the conclusion of a relationship where children are involved, one of the top concerns is ensuring the kids are taken care of with adequate support. Child support typically refers to the money paid by one parent to another, whereas there is a contribution to the cost of raising the children. Child support is a complex issue, influenced by many factors and governed by family laws. There are child support guidelines that calculate how much child support should be paid. The firm provides child support legal services, helping the clients navigate through the complexities of child support while understanding all relevant options and considerations.

Spousal Support

When a relationship ends, sometimes it may be necessary for one spouse to provide financial support to the other after the divorce and/or separation. This is referred to as spousal support and it may be paid for many different reasons, or in different ways. It is typically paid to the spouse with lower income to help them cover their living expenses. Spousal support is often referred to as alimony and it is one of the most complicated legal issues within family law. The firm helps clients with the spousal support legal services, negotiating the terms of support orders as a part of separation agreements or during mediation or litigation. In the event that support is deemed necessary or agreed upon, the firm works with the clients, advising and negotiating terms on their behalf.

Property Division

During a separation or the end of a marriage, spouses are required by law to equally share the net worth gained during their union. The term property division is actually a misnomer as spouses are entitled to an “equalization of net family property” or “equalization payment.” The full disclosure of all assets and liabilities during calculation is key to ensuring protection and fair equalization. The property division legal services provide you with the legal advice and guidance to ensure you receive a satisfactory result after divorce.

Negotiation, Arbitration, & Appeals

The family law firm provides legal services including negotiation, arbitration, and appeals of unresolved family law matters. The family law lawyer is dedicated to achieving optimal, successful outcomes for the clients.

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